why do you need a custom frame?


What does it mean to have a custom frame?

1. You will get the original, which will be the only one on the whole planet Earth.

Why? Because we will never make two identical frames! Unless you will want to do it. We are not a serial manufacturer. We want each frame to be original. Always by joint action with you.

2. You choose everything that suits you.

Materál, geometrii, barvy, zpracování, komponenty. A my vás při tom budeme provázet našimi zkušenostmi. Jak také jinak! Je to přece zakázková výroba! 🙂

3. You will get the frame geometry exactly matching your body

Each person has different lengths of individual body parts (arms x legs x torso) and flexibility of the spine. This is very often a source of major driving discomfort. This problem can be partially alleviated by replacing the stem, handlebars, seatpost or saddle. However, only a custom-made frame can completely eliminate it.

4. We will eliminate health or physical deficiencies with a custom-made frame

Not every figure and health is always perfect for life. Sometimes nature gives us something that others don’t have. It’s hard to live with and they won’t help us in egular shops. That’s exactly why we’re here. If current technology and knowledge allow, we will do everything to achieve your satisfaction!

5. Did you pass a several bikes and frames under your hands or feets and it’s still not the one?

Many people cycle many hours a week, some of us even daily. Do you prefer to sit in a comfortable and ergonomic chair or are you more attracted to a hard wooden bench without a back?

6. We work with several types of materials and their combinations

Steel, titanium, carbon… We are unique in our ability to work with a wide range of materials and turn them into a unique product. And, of course, we can add components to all this, which combine everything in a harmonious and design whole

7. Custom-made FULLsuspension frame!

There is nothing to add here! There are few manufacturers in the world who can do such a thing.

We are one of them!

Questionnaire about your frame

Cycling is a very diverse sports discipline.
Every way of riding requires a bike ready and designed for the required performance. These are the times when Svata and Richard tried their first trial tricks on XC specials.
But that was fun!
By completing the questionnaire, we will make it clearer together in advance.

Materials used

Bicycle frames are made of many different materials.
There are countless possibilities. We want to offer a wide range possibilities.
We love almost all types of materials. Everyone has their charms and their strengths, but also their shortcomings. However, these can be limited by material combinations.
Only aluminum doesn’t tell us much yet.

Technology used

You can make bicycle frames in many different ways.
You can do welding, soldering and use different types of soldering traps too. Everything has a special meaning.
And carbon enters the scene! New types of fibers with sometimes incredible properties are constantly appearing. A pleasure to produce!

Price list

“How much will it cost? ”
This comes to mind as a one of the first questions.
But in our opinion, the question should sound different!
“How much I’m willing to pay for something unique, made just for me and according to my requirements?”