Our philosophy

We will never stay in one place! We are interested in technology and news.

Nothing is taboo for us and we will try everything personally. We want to be a leaders!

The difference. Enthusiasm. Exceptionality. Joy. Unusual. Perfection. Diligence. Work. Art. Individuality. Uniqueness. Satisfaction. This is what we are looking for and we believe that you are looking for it too!


It is shorter than it might seems from our dreams, visions, plans and goals.

We took over the PIETRO BIKES project from its founder Petr V. He decided to go a different way of life. And we have been waiting way of the frame manufacturer’s trip meet us. The decision to continue the project was quick and clear. We both went headlong in it. For the fourth year we have been constantly pushing the boundarlines and at the same time keep looking for new challenges. We enjoy it and it won’t stop.

SvaTa´s interduction

The one who puts things in order and materializes Richard’s ideas

Design and manufacture of fixtures, machines and equipment. CAD software. 3D printing of plastics and metals. Braiding wheels and overall bike assembly. Design and manufacture of composites. Designs of fullsuspension frames. Trade. Web. Lathe, milling machine operation.

Richard´s interduction

A visionary who has to try everything and prove that we can do it!

Frame designs. Trade. Production of frames, forks, stems, etc. Soldering and welding. Design and manufacture of composites. Search and study of new technologies. The main visionary. Design and graphics. Painting. Test rider.