Discover the passion! 


Everyone wants to be unique!


PIETRO BIKES arose from a desire to be different. To do things our own way and find the essentiality. To build bicycle frames by hand and never produce the same things. Every out of our frames is unique and the only in the world. And it will remain so!


The goal of every manufacturer is the customer. Our way to get it is to understand its requirements, even however unusual, and to materialize them into a perfect product with which he will be maximally satisfied and feel exceptional.

You need custom frame! DISCUSSION IS USELESS…

A custom frame is a specific thing for a cyclist who knows what he wants. Or rather he doesn’t want to – be ordinary! A custom-made frame can meet different needs for everyone. Joy, health, sports enjoyment. But it always brings one thing: INDIVIDUALITY! Our customers are and will always be remarkable people!
Will you become one of them?

Where DID PIETRO BIKES cOme from?

PIETRO BIKES was established in the heart of Europe – in the Czech Republic in North Moravia. In a region where crafts and technical skills have a long tradition. Richard wanted to make the frame for himself for a long time. When the opportunity to acquire know-how and equipment appeared, he immediately took the advantage of it. Svata was originally his first customer. Meeting Richard was fateful. So, from that moment on, the best bikes are created in Orlova!