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Svatoslav Bielczyk and his story

My name is Svatoslav Bielczyk.

I’m almost in a good mood and I’m optimistic person. I refuse to deal with something that has negative energy. But I can get angry. And when I am mad to max level, what rarely happens, then I don’t take napkins with anyone and what’s at heart’s immeadiatelly become to tongue. Everything stacked inside me flows out immediately. I deal with consequences later, if necessary, and if I consider that it is appropriate.

I am 44 years old, the sign of Scorpio, the year of the snake in the Chinese horoscope. I don’t think there is better combination! I have 3 children and I have been grand-father since September 2021.

I am educated as an engineer. I have a mechanical engineering degree from high school in Karvina. I didn’t want to study University. I kept saying that the best is school of life and practice, and I can reach leading positions without a university degree. Which I achieved finally. Through the time I found that appropriate teacher is needed. Seek and ye shall find! There are lots of smart and clever people everywhere who likes to share …

My father was a designer. He worked in one company whole his life. He was still making something at home. He made mostly furniture, tailored solutions, to the small rooms in 3 rooms flat and also for my 2 brothers. And always with engineering precision. I don’t know if exist anything he wouldn’t fix it. Probably I have his genes and crafting skills which allowing me to find solution to repair or manufacture everything. What is great for me in PIETRO BIKES now. It’s hard to believe how many different devices and gadgets are needed to produce frames.

Well, that’s my main role in PIETRO BIKES so far. Richard has some needs. When he try to solve something, he needs something for easier, faster, more efficient, more convenient handling, production or for some activity and I have to invent it and produce it.

Same when we found out that we need our own painting workroom. And it was necessary to integrate it into the basement of the house. And I had another project!

Before we started producing own carbon tubes, I got only 8 photos and one video from Richard with information, that there is no one, in the whole world, who would make the tubes that Richard wanted. He didn’t find anyone on the internet for 2 months. I had no other choice and after about 8 months, the first tube was done. I wish you all this great and wonderful feeling when you see that a very similar thing is being formed as on the video! Great, ecstasy! The first learning, improving, designing and reworking followed. And now after all, I’m re-working it again. Quality requires equals machines!

Well, the tubes need to be heat-treated. So, task sounds clear – build a furnace! One for the tubes and other, a bit larger, for the whole frames. Both for heating carbon and possibly to speed up the paint drying. Although we have bought UV lamps for that. But they use a lot of electricity and “they are heating” whole room. Simply it is undesirable and unnecessary …

So on the beginning we would follow the PIETRO BIKES tradition for laser cutting of bicycle feet. It forced me to start learning how to draw in 3D programs at the age of 40. After all, it is not possible to create hooves and moulds for carbon frame lugs without it. It is not possible to use 3D printing of plastics or metals without it. I can’t imagine anyone doing this for us with so many changes which are done during development, they draw according to the specific assignment. I am always changing and adjusting everything several times to fit the needs. Mainly because after the first real production action there is a demand for some improvements. Pietro Fooll, it is a carbon full-suspension frame, which I drew for 3 months during the afternoons and evenings. Each part for several times, of course. You can’t ever think it perfect, there is always a mistake …

Properly functioning rear suspension also has its rules, geometry, precise positioning of pivots in the space. We are grateful to the people who came up with the software that can calculate it all. We bought it and I’m learning how to use it. However, there are thousands of possible ascents. I’m still at the beginning of learning. Every millimetre affects the final properties … It’s like shooting by a junior sniper – correctly move the sight, evaluate the trajectory of the projectile and the environment, press the trigger ….., and hit! Hit for the first time – probably impossible! The second time? The same … The third time you come a little closer, but still not successful, you will get closer only by practicing and trying. After many tries it could work, it is thought …

I needed 10 hours for the first frame design, during 3 days…

Well, also I must have regular job so far. It’s still pay my bills so far! I have been working as a sales and technical representative for eight years now. I am selling pneumatic components and parts for industrial automation.

I started my job career, right after graduating in 1996 and the subsequent one-year military service, by opening a bicycle repairing shop at my parents’ house. I was repairing and tunning bikes myself from the beginning, when the mountain bikes arrived to our country. That was first and last time when I bought my complete bike – Velamos built on „Shimano SIS“. Then I built all the following bicycles from components, which I kept changing according to what appeared new and what I had money for. So, bicycle business seemed like a good idea at that time. And I tried to work in insurance business too. Finally, I went to a factory in 1999 to produce profiles. A stable income was a necessity.

Somewhere in the summer or autumn of 2000, my father tells me that Shimano will build a factory in Karvina! I’ve been riding my bike since 1990, so it was clear what was my goal. I fulfilled it – I was in the first group of employees who flew to Singapore in May 2001 for 3 months for training. My wife was in her fourth month of pregnancy. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia – A good school of high serial production life. 😀

After six years of hard work, I reached the first managers positions. Another fulfilment of what I had set out to challenge in the past. After 10 years, I moved to another challenge. Looking for new experiences, new challenges and new learnings. Business, communication, relationships, diligence, self-discipline, self-knowledge and personal development. I traded a warm manager’s position for moving to a higher level. It wasn’t always pleasant, but I don’t regret anything.

My current biggest dream now, is to succeed as a producer of bicycle frames, that’s clear, but still it requires a lot of things to come up with, to make and to fulfil. I bought a milling machine and two lathes’ machines also. This requires tools, vices, gauges. Material like Iron, aluminium and plastics. Still something. Well and other manual electric devices too.

Fortunately, I have a great, kind, understanding and tolerant partner. It would not be possible without her support, understanding and tolerance. I would have to choose – family or PIETRO BIKES. And it is clear that it cannot go that far. So, it is necessary to pay attention to the family and invest in this direction as well. Time and money. Everything must be balanced. So far, it looks like we can handle it.

Thank you all very much again! And I look forward to meet you – our new customer!