pietro bikes PHILOSOphy

We are cyclist

We produce bicycle frames mainly because we are cyclists. Bicycles are our life, we think about them when we get up, during day, even when we fall asleep. We build them, ride them, talk about them. The bicycles are a part of our life! And we are also maximalists – if anything can satisfied us, then only the XTR or XX1, the lightest components, the most advanced technology, carbon, titanium, the perfect suspension settings.

Craft is the basic

But we are still craftsmen and we are fascinated by handicrafts – to create functional and esthetic jewelry from shapeless material only with the help of what can be fitted in several rooms of our workshop. Svata has an technial highschool with a field of engineering and also a work life history, Richard has been a craftsman since childhood. So we have technical thinking and talent in us.

Building frames is a permanent adventure. We want to each frame become unique in its own way. We are constantly looking for a way to reach the goal, how to set up the machines, how to connect the pipes in the frame.


We quickly set out on the “carbon track”. Carbon is an alchemy, there are countless possibilities and variations. But the result is breathtaking. And this is what motivate us – the idea, testing, understanding and creation of the unknown. This way we don’t have a chance to slip into the stereotype. We are constantly thinking of something new. This is how we keep our enthusiasm for working at the highest level.


But it wouldn’t be possible without many people around. That is why we cooperate, for example, with the University of Mining in Ostrava or with a company that is a world leader in the development of software for calculations using the finite element calculation method. We also get valuable information about composites from a company producing carbon parts for motorsport.