pietro bikes HISTORy


The PIETRO BIKES brand was established in 2012 in the head of a young and very capable rider, designer and craftsman from North Moravia (let’s call him Petr). Petr devoted himself to many years of biketrial racing. Biketrial is one of the most demanding cycling discipline. Trial bikes have to be rigid, light and withstand long-term and heavy stress. Hundreds, thousands of jumps, down jumps and over jumps will test the frame and other components perfectly. Peter’s interest in the trial was later joined by the new interest – fixie bike (bikes with one gear without freewheel), which must be simple and elegant.

Takeover of the brand

In addition, he studied mechanical engineering. As a result, he decided to produce bicycle frames. His creations was differnt from competitors by invention, material (because he bet on, in the eyes of many people, already “Overcome” material – CrMo steel) and design. He invented his own feet, logos, connectors, geometries… The PIETRO BIKES brand gained attention and became well known. Unfortunately, life never goes straight and easy, and at some point Peter had to decide on something other than bicycles. Maybe at that moment the Czech framers lost an interesting person, but it meant an opportunity for us! Richard and Peter knew each other from the biketrial, which Richard also rides. And Richard received an offer to takeover the brand. It is obvious that he accepted it… At the beginning together with his friend René, but he later went his own way …

New colleague

Svata was supposed to be the first customer. He needed to adjust the feet on an ordinary frame to install a belt drive with a Nexus hub at the rear. After roughly three hours of extensive discussion about cycling and everything around, Svata got the idea. This eventually led to the question of whether he could join. Richard was obviously taken aback. There was a moment of silence…, then he agreed. And he doesn’t seem to regret it…

experience and perseverance

Practice and personal experience do not replace anything. Richard and Svaťa had experience in cycling, they understood “what a bike needs” to be good. They also had a lot of ideas of where the PIETRO BIKES brand wanted to go. Towards originality and first-class quality! And fortunately, they also knew the crafts they used to make the first frame out of tubes. But they had to add something else – many, many hours of work, research, searching and failure. But their enthusiasm was huge and the first frame soon began to emerge. Its still rides somewhere in Scandinavia in these days without any complaints. And the first frame was followed by others…

The way

We like to explore new directions that custom frame construction can take. We are both maximalists. Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of workmanship, materials used, design. That’s why we started making carbon fiber frames, that’s why we made our own fullsuspension frame. We have found a way to make custom frames from composite materials. How to make a frame from a combination of metal and composite. In this way, we want to individualize each frame to be great not only for the customer, but also for us!

Carbon project!

At the beginning of 2020, we started the construction of a winder machine for the production of our own carbon tubes. No supplier in the world will produce just one or two specific pipes for you. This necessity forced Svata to build such a machine. After 8 months of work, we started trying it.

The newest challenge

We have had prepared a new challenge for 2022. Technological, design, experiential. We are convinced that it will interest you! Follow our social networks…